Research and

Knowledge Management

Research and knowledge management activities are the key to effective planning and execution for projects. Progressing on this premise, BRLF emphasises on the collection, documentation, diffusion and dissemination of information by various means including, inter alia, the verbal, written, audio, visual, audio-visual, online and theatrical mediums. The Research and Knowledge Hub of BRLF is soon going to become the national knowledge platform for information and support on issues of NRM and Livelihoods for rural communities, CSOs and Government Institutions.

To meet the long-term goals and objectives, BRLF is conducting research and studies on areas that are important and relevant to state governments. For example, BRLF has carried out a study for the Rajasthan State Rural Livelihood Mission (Rajeevika) which analyzes the successes and challenges under the NRLM-MGNREGA convergence through the Cluster Facilitation Team (CFT) project in ensuring enhanced livelihood opportunities for households through the creation of productive and quality assets under the Category B works of MGNREGA.

Development of knowledge resources with the BRLF’s partners is already in progress. These collaborative studies will form a part of the livelihoods repository that BRLF plans to create, initially of the exceptional work being done by CSOs/private philanthropists/CSRs in Central India tribal regions and then move to work in other tribal areas of the country.

Apart from working with various state governments in the Research and Knowledge Management vertical and taking part in joint studies with the partner CSOs, BRLF also conducts independent research studies on sustainable livelihoods and allied activities on a regular basis. Through these studies BRLF plans to bring forth the challenges in implementation of various government schemes and programmes and make recommendations for successful implementation of the same.